Álvaro Reneses

Álvaro Reneses

Edinburgh, UK

Who am I?

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Álvaro Reneses, known as "Reneses", is a Spanish software engineer and entrepreneur passionate about technology, design and business.

Graduated first of his class in Software Engineering from the University of Oviedo, and after residing in the United States, Italy and Ireland, Reneses currently lives in Edinburgh (UK) working as a fullstack software engineer at Amazon.

Within the American technology giant, Reneses works as 'engineering team lead' in the Talent Management organization; where he also acts as an expert in frontend and React guiding the rest of the teams in these fields.

In addition to his position at Amazon, Reneses is the co-director of The Medizine (reference media on music, fashion and lifestyle in Spanish) and master's degree associate professor of Software Engineering at IVigo Business School.

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